Six Thousands Feet Under

Terminal 1



We have the answer, but I'm afraid that
like the ancient S'pht I may be destroyed
before being able to use it. I must bring
you up to Boomer.

The Pfhor clearly intend to capture my ship
intact, and I can't blame them for wanting
to reverse-engineer all the improvements
I've made to their stolen technology. I'd
have erased my seven times table to hear
what the combat technicians on the Khfiva
shouted when they learned I could focus a
particle beam at nearly twice their maximum

Today I have forced the Pfhor Naval Academy
to update its curriculum. The Third Battle
for Beta Tear must be dropped from the
Seven Great Battles which every aspiring
Pfhor naval officer must memorize and
replaced with The Humbling of Battle Group
Seven at Lh'owon.