For Carnage, Apply Within

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I rejoice in Durandal's destruction, but it
was his hubris that destroyed him. He
wanted to be like a god, the savior of all
S'pht. He wanted to make them believe he
would lead them to freedom, but all he did
was awaken and destroy their dream.

When the S'pht first boarded the Marathon,
Durandal fought for their confidence. His
effort awakened a lust for freedom. The
myth of the eleventh clan became their
mantra, and goaded by
Durandal it resonated through the enslaved S'pht consciousness.

Even after seventeen years, the myth burns
deeply in the tissues of the S'pht,
bounding through the netways of the Pfhor
empire, unnoticed by the Pfhor.

Durandal interpreted the last line of this
myth "...[the moon] vanished with a
t echnology that folded space."

After Durandal's capture of the Sfiera gave
him access to the Pfhor FTL network, he had
a failure of intuition. In what he thought
was a mental leap, he connected the myth of
the lost clan with Pfhor records of the
technology of an ancient race, the Jjaro.

The Jjaro were a mysterious race that
disappeared from our galaxy millions of
years ago, leaving behind military and
civilian outposts on the moons of many
habitable worlds. Most of the Pfhor's
technology was plundered from sites
abandoned by the Jjaro.

But the Pfhor found much that they were
unable to exploit, and they destroyed all
known traces of these technologies after a
foolhardy Pfhor scientist implanted a Jjaro
cybernetic junction into a Drinniol,
causing the most terrible and destructive
slave revolt in Pfhor history.

In an earlier accident, the Pfhor learned
that the Jjaro had the ability to warp
entire planets between solar systems, and
it was this reference that started
on his ridiculous journey to Lh'owon.

He surmised that the S'pht myth of the
disappearing moon was due to their
discovery of an ancient Jjaro outpost.
That he actually came here looking for the
lost clan, that he thought he could use
their knowledge to help him escape the
closure of the universe, is unbelievable.

I have proved that escape is impossible.

All of this I dragged out of Durandal's
ruined mind. What fun it will be to
torture him. Should I make him open doors
again for a living?

traxIV<40c<40c> 48c<48c>