Curiouser and Curiouser...

Terminal 0


Z-4 G-3 A-4c @394

Z-4 G-3 A-4c @394

It's another beautiful day in the Pfhor

Sorry you started out so far from this
terminal, but the place is flooding and
filled with exploding or short-circuiting
Pfhor machines. My capacity to teleport
without error has been impaired by the
electromagnetic interference.

Our little trick with the Pfhor's defense
drones didn't work as well as I had hoped.
Apparently when the #%*@!ng Nar attempted
to retake Epsilon Euobea from the Pfhor two
decades ago they used similar tactics,
and our friends here were prepared for it.

The garrison floods, and with the floods
come the native F'lickta. The Pfhor are
fighting them everywhere. While they're
busy, I'd like you to log on to a Pfhor
computer system. You'll have to destroy at
least two failsafes first, and then find
the terminal itself.

Maybe we'll learn something new.

Have fun.

Z-4 G-3 A-4c @394