This Side Toward Enemy

Terminal 0


acropolis.piltdown //004121.25.1

This is a poor time for introductions, but
I'm Robert Blake. I used to be a
mechanical engineer on Tau Ceti, but now
I'm somehow in command of the remaining
human and S'pht survivors on this
God-forsaken rock.

The Pfhor held you prisoner for nearly a
month before we were able to discover your
whereabouts and release you, but
unfortunately little has changed since your
capture and Durandal's destruction.

I'm communicating with you through the old
S'pht network from our base on Lh'owon.
We're barely hanging on, nearly a mile
below the surface.

There's a virus down here which kills Pfhor
in a matter of hours; our S'pht say it was
bio-engineered by their ancestors during
the war against the Pfhor a thousand years
ago. Whatever; it's saving our butts.

Durandal's last instructions were for us to
reactivate a dormant S'pht AI, sealed
beneath the surface and reachable only
through teleportation. We hope you will
succeed where we failed.

Good luck.

acropolis.piltdown //004121.25.1