This Side Toward Enemy

Terminal 1


acropolis.piltdown //004121.25.1

Good work.

The S'pht have verified the partial
activation of the AI. The Pfhor are
already curious about what we are doing,
but when they realize what we have found
they will go insane.

We'll continue trying to replace the
weapons you lost when you were captured,
but all the heavy ordinance is in high
demand and it may be a few hours before a
rocket launcher or flame thrower is

The rest of the AI will have to wait,
though: our base has been infiltrated by
Pfhor androids. The machines are disguised
as humans and packed with explosives.

Aside from detonating them we've got no way
of telling them apart from our own men.
Their telltale differences are hard to spot
until its too late.

We need you to come back and exterminate
these simulacrums. No one will be safe
until they are all dead.

acropolis.piltdown //004121.25.1