We're Everywhere

Terminal 0


65124.134.12##<CMND PRAMA &49c2>

65124.134.12##<CMND PRAMA &49c2>

Two hundred years ago, during the
Marathon's maiden voyage from Earth to Tau
Ceti, Tycho accused me of being too
sarcastic. I didn't communicate with him
for six years after that, which left him
with only Leela to talk to. I think he
still holds the grudge. You don't think
I'm sarcastic, do you?

Never mind.

Speaking of Tycho, I have detected his
presence in the Pfhor net. I assume he is
using the Pfhor's faster-than-light
communications technology to enter the net
remotely from a nearby system. His
appearance can only foreshadow the arrival
of Pfhor reinforcements.

65124.134.12##<CMND PRAMA &49c2>

The Pfhor have almost been exterminated
here, but I need you to open a pair of huge
external doors so that we can land heavy
machinery by shuttle.

Have you tried your new fusion gun against
the armored Pfhor hunters yet? My S'pht
rebuilt it with the sole purpose of
short-circuiting Pfhor-built machinery.

Return here when you have opened the doors.

65124.134.12##<CMND PRAMA &49c2>