The Marathon 2 Terminals Guide


What is "Marathon 2"?

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What are "terminals" in Marathon 2?

In Marathon there are many terminals at every level; linking yourself to them (press the "action" key when in front of the terminal itself) you can learn some stuff about the plot of Marathon and, above all, have some hints about your mission.

Where are the terminals located in?

Clicking the name of the level, you will see a map with the location and kind of the terminals (i.e. s'pht, tycho, durandal, pfhor terminal, etc.). If you want, there are also a binexed file and a zipped one with the gifs of all the maps (option-click to download).

What is the purpouse of this work?

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Ok, ok. What is the meaning of all that words? "Terminal 0", Terminal 1", "General", Unfinished"...

The number of terminals usually reflects the sequence in which you encounter them. So, Terminal 0 is the first you find, Terminal 1 the second, and so on.

* "General" means that the text of the messages is always the same, that is independent of what you have done in the level.

Some terminals change their messages according to what you have done. Usually, a terminal give you a specific mission (i.e. destroy something), and when you return to it (or other specified terminal) with the mission executed, it gives you congratulations and cheers, and then teleport you in the next level.

So, the terminals with this behaviour have two systems:
* "Unfinished": If you haven't yet executed the mission,
* "Finished": When you executed the mission itself.

After showing the message, the terminal "finished" teleports you in the next level, so beware, if you want to explore the level more. You can avoid the teleportation pressing the "esc" key while the terminal shows its "finished" message.

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Last Update: 4-05-2011