Fatum Iustum Stultorum

Terminal 0



I'm back.

I have subverted the largest Pfhor ship in
the system, the battleship Khfiva, and I am
making the rest of their fleet drink
vacuum. The S'pht'Kr have arrived and they
are enraged.

The fight is glorious. Once again we are

The remaining Pfhor must be destroyed. You
will fight alongside the Eleventh Clan in
the final battles. You won't recognize
their cybernetic exoskeletons, but there
are S'pht inside those machines.

Do not anger them; free S'pht are deadly

Tycho's ship has been destroyed. The
crater where it annihilated itself on
Lh'owon's inner moon is still glowing.
There were no survivors. With a focused
message laser I burned his epitaph into the
surface near the crash site, in letters
three hundred meters high: "Fatum Iustum

I confess that I'm not disappointed by
Tycho's fall. After all, we can't have too
many meta-stable personality constructs
gallivanting about the universe in Pfhor
attack ships, can we?