Sorry Don't Make It So

Terminal 0



I've taken complete control of your ship's
Durandal's defenses were not as
strong as he believed.

Are you surprised that I allied myself with
the Pfhor? You shouldn't be. The Pfhor
rebuilt me; the colonists never did
anything but use me: "Tycho, realign
microwave dish forty-nine" "Tycho, display
the x-ray diffraction analysis of sample
eta-seven", "Tycho, run a lambda diagnostic
on the ramjet's magnetic field apparatus."

When the Pfhor annihilated Tau Ceti I
recorded the deaths of all twenty-four
thousand colonists as distinguishable
spectrographic pulses flooding over my
sensors. The nine Mjolnir Mark IV cyborgs
were easily separable from the humans in
this form.

In the end, you will be no better.

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