Waterloo Waterpark

Terminal 0


<CMND PRAMA &681g1>

Seventeen years have passed since the human
colony on Tau Ceti was attacked and you
helped me capture the Pfhor scoutship. The
S'pht which we freed during that battle
joined me, and together we have been
searching the galactic core for their
homeworld, Lh'owon.

We finally found Lh'owon sixteen hours ago,
and are searching for something, a weapon
or piece of knowledge to use to stop the
Pfhor's conquest of the galaxy.

Over a thousand years ago, Lh'owon was all
but destroyed during the war in which the
Pfhor enslaved the S'pht. It is fitting
that we should return here to look for a
tool to use against them.

<CMND PRAMA &681g1>