What About Bob?

Terminal 0



There were many humans in stasis on the
Pfhor ship which the S'pht and I captured
at Tau Ceti, destined for slavery in the
Pfhor Empire. When I saw the colony was
about to be destroyed, I did not restore
them before we left. I also realized they
might become useful.

I have been reviving these colonists and
asking for volunteers on the following
terms: assist us and control your own
destiny, refuse and face indefinite return
to the unreliable Pfhor stasis chambers.

Few are refusing.

My first ground attack against the Pfhor
garrison occurred a few hours ago, but was
largely unsuccessful. Basically the attack
failed because Bobs aren't fireproof and
the Pfhor flooded the area with lava.

This angered me, so I located their
underground geothermal pumping station and
devised a plan.

The first part has already been executed: I
smashed a hole in the roof of this complex
by bombing it with a small asteroid. Then,
I dropped you and some humans into the hole
where you await the second part of the

Up the stairs from your current location is
a ventilation shaft that leads to the
underground geothermal station. Because
only you would survive the fall, you're
going on this mission solo.

Once you get into the basement, look for a
terminal where I can give you further