All Roads Lead To Sol...

Terminal 1


"Nuts to this", screamed Robert - his
normally Hyper Good Samaratain (HGS)
surface personality disolving into a pool
of dull-red hatred surmounted by white-hot
ball of rage. "My faith in you has finally
killed me!" And it was true, at that very
moment his heart stopped beating and his
brain, throbbing with anger and disgust,
took over. He vomited all of the
wholesomeness he could fit through his
mouth in one fiften (15) second cataclysmic
eruption leaving naught but revulsion and
despair behind. Though possessing a
powerful build (being constructed mainly of
horseflesh and pigiron), his bones seemed
weak in comparison to his newfound desire
to kill. And kill he would, scores of dead
would pile up beneath his feet. And he
would say, "...It was a case of post-mortem

I would like to thank my family and friends
for all the support they have given me. I'd
also like to thank all my coworkers at
Bungie ((OMEGA)(mu)(SIGMA)®"oe(DELTA)øø(DELTA)) for making this the
coolest company to play at!

"If you enjoy what you do for a living,
you'll never work a day in your life"

//              //
//   //   //    //
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//  //      //  //
//    /////     //
//              //



Anyway, there are a number of people who I
would like to thank, but they know who they
are. If you're not sure, then you aren't.

But all that stuff is boring. What I really
want to say is nothing, but I can't do
that, can I? Even a blank page would say
something. Damn. Perhaps something
slightly irrelevant will serve as well as
nothing, so here it goes:

"The earth is the only planet in the solar
system known to have large quantities of
free water"
-Basic Steps In Astronomy

Vidding rules. I can't wait to kick all
your butts at MacWorld.
-Greg K, Toolator, Vid Boi, VidMaster,
Tool, Head Tool

    "Gee, and I still didn't have to make a 

    Here's to cooperative net play, 
terminals, and Vulcan2.    Heh.

    Thanks to all those folks that put up
with me while I was working on this.  
Especially Nicole for understanding the 
long hours and summers in Chicago.  Now I 
just have to graduate in December...

    Thanks to the Gang (Jake, John, Pagan, 
Adam, and Mike) for keeping me sane.

    And of course, thanks to my parents for 
understanding when their son goes off into 
the Code Mines of Moria for months while 
working on Marathon & Marathon 2.

    We Rule.

A wise Nar once said "A Nebulon under the
foot is worth two behind a plasma cannon,"
but the Nar are still waiting for their
mythical savior with green pee to fly their
coal-powered interstellar battlewagons to
glory against the Nebulons. Those are
Nebulons under Tfear's feet, by the way.
Seems nobody likes the Nebulons.

If I ever texture-map another axis-aligned
polygon, it'll be too soon. I'm real sorry
for being Blake, and I hope All Roads Lead
To Sol
atones for the grievous sin of
Colony Ship For Sale.

The Nar, who speak entirely in metaphor,
call Chicago "the limitless, unforgiving
sky; the prison which will forever watch
over our graves" in the winter. Too bad
it's winter.

JasonSunday, November 5, 1995

Some people don't realize that I provided
not only the voices and screams for the
Bobs, but also modeled for the artists as
they were working on the assimilated ones.
Like them, I have two toes, red eyes,
snaggle teeth and no genitals.

I was a little shy about it at first (you
can imagine the jokes!), but it's all a
part of the Bungie spirit of going all out
to satisfy the customer.

So next time you're at a convention with
us, instead of asking me to do Bob's
flaming death scream for the umpteeth time,
ask to see my..... eyes. We'll all have a
good laugh.


Peace, found as a solitary runner on a
straight, long path. Living the pain, not
waiting for it to pass. Living the pain;
feeling it, accepting it, using it.

Control, over self, thought, action. Doing
the right thing. Speaking the truth.
Accepting no limitations.

Peace with family found as an individual.
No longer depending on environment for
identity. Giving as much as taking. Clear
ambitions. Love and purpose balanced.