The Hard Stuff Rules...

Terminal 0


D-over expires <3021.>

During the final hours of the S'pht-Pfhor
war, the last free S'pht made a stand in
Citadel of Antiquity. We are searching the
Citadel to learn as much as possible about
these S'pht and what they did during their
final moments.

The Pfhor appear to have been reluctant to
attack the Citadel directly. Radiation
lingering in the area even after a thousand
years suggests that they irradiated the
Citadel and let the S'pht die slowly.

That is not their style.

Each of the ten clans was represented here,
and I hope that they discovered something
before being overrun by the Pfhor. Find as
many S'pht computers as you can, so that I
may search them for useful information.

D-over expires <3021.>