The Hard Stuff Rules...

Terminal 0


E-over expires <3021.>

Battle Group Seven arrived sooner than I
expected. The Pfhor fleet consists of
seven corvettes similar to my own, four
destroyers, a battleship, and an assault

They are passing the orbits of the outer
planets now, headed for Lh'owon.

It appears that the S'pht retreated into
bunkers under the citadel during the final
Pfhor bombardment a thousand years ago.
You are going to search these bunkers.

Often during the last minutes of life, the
truth is revealed. Perhaps before their
annihilation the S'pht realized something
that would help us.

Be warned that the approaching Pfhor fleet
has already begun to reinforce their
Lh'owon garrison by long range transport.

E-over expires <3021.>