The Hard Stuff Rules...

Terminal 1




Only I grasped the significance of the
dissection of some of the captives. These
creatures, repugnant as they are, are
sentient, and yet their bodies are not
bonded to any mechanisms. They can survive
without their armor and their staffs.

Until now, sentience had always required
cyber-organic symbiosis. All of our
science has led to this conclusion.

We can even give our pets sentience with
cyber-organic implants. Yet, these vile
conquerors are sentient without any


This leads to debate. Perhaps our own
sentience is induced by the birthing
operation, and that at some time, we were
no more sentient than a F'lickta.

If such a fundamental assumption of our
kind is wrong, then perhaps the myths were
true, and we were actual servants of Yrro
and Pthia.

Perhaps they built us, or we were part of a
larger group who came to Lh'owon.

Alas, I fear that we will never know these