The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Terminal 0


jon3//12-a Phce <194-973-2356>

I don't understand why the Pfhor were here,
waiting for us; what interest could they
have in this dead world? They must have
found Tycho.

You remember Tycho, don't you? One of the
three artificial intelligences on the
Marathon, destroyed in the initial alien
assault but then reanimated by the Pfhor's
cybernetic slaves, the S'pht Compilers.

Three months after we left Tau Ceti, the
Pfhor arrived in force and sacked the human
colony there. During that battle perhaps
Tycho communicated with the Pfhor and
related what he knew of my plans to them.
Since they already knew where this world
was, the Pfhor would have arrived long
before us.

I'm sending you exploring here. Find
another computer and I'll bring you out.

jon3//12-a Phce <194-973-2356>