The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Terminal 1


djm2//12-c Phce<PFGR ZNE6 <192-971-2351>

djm2//12-c Phce<PFGR ZNE6 <192-971-2351>

My S'pht have disassembled the weapons and
ammunition you brought with you from Tau
Ceti. They are attempting to mass-produce
small arms and ammunition based on those
weapons, both for you and the humans on
board my ship.

The pistol and assault rifle you are using
now are the first results of their efforts,
although I realize they are inadequate
substitutes for the heavier weapons we
deprived you of.

The S'pht are working hard on the fusion
pistol now, and I will transport it to you
as soon as it is ready. You'll need it
when you begin fighting the armored Pfhor

Zeus Class Fusion Pistol Rn%#225-511a

djm2//12-c Phce<PFGR ZNE6 <192-971-2351>